Monday, March 11, 2013

Symptoms of Colon Cancer

Symptoms of colon cancer could embrace blood in or on the stool, a bowel in viscus habits, abdomen pain or aches that don't escape, or surprising weight loss, fatigue.
Blood in Stool
Blood in the stool is a typical indication of colon cancer; however you can't always check blood that may be in the stool. Tests such as the fecal occult blood test identify blood in the stool that may be unobserved to the naked eyes. Keep in mind that some food items, like beets, red licorice or watermelon makes the stools turn red. To be on the secure side, always report dubious stool activity to a medical expert.

Skinny Stools
The size of our stool gives us good insight to what exactly might be happening in our bowel. Narrow stools may indicate that there might be a blockage or something is blocking the passage of stool, like a tumor. Some other problems can also cause narrow stools, like a big benign polyp or even hemorrhoids. If you frequently notice thinner stools, consult a medical expert.

Constipation is a non-specific indication of colon cancer. Regular constipation can be the indication of most factors, most likely a disorder way less critical when compared with colon cancer. Even though, prolonged constipation might be serious, therefore it is vital that you consult a medical expert. Well in reference to colon cancer, constipation occurs while a tumor is blocking the colon.

 Abdominal Pain
Abdominal discomfort can be unclear indication. This generally happens whenever the colon is blocked by a tumor. Gas problems are common simply because tumor blockage doesn't allow the gas to pass easily from the colon to exit the body.


Tiredness that last quite a few days might point out a medical disorder. As it relates to colon cancer, tiredness can often be related to anemia, due to blood loss in the stool. Like other symptoms of colon cancer, tiredness can be an unclear indication that will be related to various other less severe problems.

Other symptoms can be weakness, lightheaded, dizziness, Shortness of breath. And if you feel like you need to empty your bowel, even though simply doing so or simply just feel there is something in your bowel, consult a medical expert. This indicates the presence of a tumor, causing the bowel to feel full, even though it may not be.

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